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Know Syed Muzaffar 
Exclusive Gallery
Syed Muzaffar, with his unending passion for travel, is one of the authorities on holidaying throughout Asia.

Syed Muzaffar is reputed for his unique style of organising holidays and tours giving clients an amazing experience and a lifetime of memories.
He has been working in the field for more than thirty years and organised some of the most amazing tours ever with some of the most elite clients.
Syed Muzaffar has worked for almost all the deluxe tour operators of the world, leading their tours and making new programmes for them.
He is listed as one of the most sought after 'Tour Directors' at travel companies like Abercrombie & Kent and Crystal Cruise Line.

His tour destinations include Tibet, Bhutan, China (including Silk Route areas), Mongolia, All central Asian countries, Turkey, Middle East, U. A. E., Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Thailand etc.

Syed Muzaffar at present giving customers at 'TRAVCOA' wonderful and custom tailored holidays.

Syed Muzaffar Andrabi has to his credit a reputation that no Indian has so far achieved. With his passion in antiquity, research and culture, he is the only Indian who has lead some of the deluxe travelers through the Asian subcontinent among its rugged corners.

Syed continues to lead tours in the capacity of a freelance tour director and because of his in depth knowledge and expertise in ground realities he is also working as a consultant cum advisor with various tour operators. With the arrival of this new flexibility Syed Muzaffar Andrabi is organising tours that exceed the calibers of any routine tour organising body.

Syed Muzaffar has always enjoyed creating new ways of travel and making special programmes for people with particular interests. The travelers who could get benefited from him could be those with interests in 'art & architecture', 'heritage and cultural' curiosities, 'religious interests, pursuits in philosophy and mysticism.

His consultations/advices are based on actual experiences and facts obtained by leading numerous tours in the areas and meticulous learning habits.  Besides having lead tours in these areas Syed Muzaffar Andrabi has traveled extensively on his own to many other parts of the world.

  Born and brought up in the fabled valley of Kashmir his success story has taken many turns. He has worked his way up from the very grass roots of tour and travel business to this level of authority. He initially started as a simple tourist guide in Kashmir but his exceptional talent in adventure touring and instinctive acumen in research coupled with a passion for culture and heritage of the areas he would tour made him one of the most sought after tour managers and eventually a tour director and holiday organiser of brilliance.
He has a keen eye for nature and beauty as you can see in the our galleries which feature his rare photographs and documentation.


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